About Us


Social LeadershipHealth and Wellness Academic ExcellenceResponsibility • Eco-activism • Self Advocacy

Our Mission

At The Brooklyn Green School we are committed to cultivating the joy of learning in every classroom through a constructivist yet supportive approach that values students through a project- and service-based learning community and partnership while learning to develop a meaningful connection and understanding of their coursework.

Students at The Brooklyn Green School will learn to embrace their civic responsibility through actively identifying and researching issues that effect their community, working collaboratively to develop solutions and actively participating in school and community decision making.

There are essential skills that all graduates of The Brooklyn Green School must possess: to read well, to write coherently and clearly, to study effectively, to reason soundly, to question thoughtfully and speak up for what they believe in.

Our Vision

Social Leadership

Every member of the BKG school community will practice social leadership by caring about and positively contributing to the well-being of others including family, school community, world community, and the environment. 


Health and Wellness

Every member of the BKG school community will practice social, emotional, and physical wellness by being cognizant of the impact that our words, actions, and overall decisions have on our bodies, our minds, and our community. We will work daily to expand our knowledge about food, nutrition, physical activity, positive thinking, mindfulness, adequate rest, and kindness to others.


Academic Excellence

Every member of the BKG school community will know that academic excellence is exemplified when they are inspired to innovate and to drive their own learning. We are reflective learners that always ask, “What more can I do?” with a focus on intellectual and personal growth, recognizing that the attainment of excellence involves constant improvement, risk-taking and is a life-long process.



Every member of the BKG community will demonstrate responsibility by showing up ready to work, being accountable for our words and actions, following through with commitments, and taking care of each other. 



Every BKG community member is equipped with the knowledge, commitment, and skills needed to protect and improve the environment. We will engage in work aimed to prevent environmental damage while coordinating and executing campaigns specifically focused on issues that primarily affect underserved communities. 


Self Advocacy

Every BKG community member will demonstrate self-advocacy by knowing their rights and responsibilities, asking for what they need, charting their own course, and accessing resources needed to achieve their goals. As self-advocates, we will not only identify problems but work to come up with thoughtful and innovative solutions.