About Us

Collaboration • Eco-Consciousness • Perseverance • Equity • Health & Wellness

Our Mission

At The Brooklyn Green School we are committed to cultivating the joy of learning in every classroom through a constructive yet supportive approach that values students through a project- and service-based learning community and partnership while learning to develop a meaningful connection and understanding of their coursework.

The Brooklyn Green School students will learn to embrace their civic responsibility by practicing empathy in support of other students while discovering their untapped strength, inner grit. There are essential skills that all The Brooklyn Green School graduates must possess: to read well, to write coherently and clearly, to study effectively, to reason soundly, to question thoughtfully and speak up for what they believe in.

Our Vision

We believe that all students should engage in purposeful and meaningful learning experiences with one another.

We believe in our responsibility to Earth.

We believe that all students should be socially, emotionally, and academically acknowledged as well as supported in schools

We believe in investing in the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of our students, our community and the world.

We believe that students should be given time to grapple with challenging material and new ideas.